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Fox debuts The Choice dating game show, no joke

Get to know Fox’s The Choice — a bit of The Voice and a whole lot of The Dating Game. Who needs a new show for the summer when you can just nab a little from this one and copy from that one?

Fox has a new show headed your way next month called The Choice! Yes, it rhymes with The Voice as well as promises spinning chairs, but the similarities between the two ought to end there — although, there’s another show that also seems highly familiar.

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In an announcement that sounds oddly like a very tardy April Fool’s joke, Fox promises fans a dating show called The Choice that will debut in June. For six episodes this summer, viewers will be treated to male celebrities taking part in what appears to be an updated version of The Dating Game.

Filmed in front of a live audience, each episode of The Choice will begin with four presumably hot and single celebrity bachelors seated in spinning chairs. The initial “Blind Round” will commence, with the men’s backs to their sexy suitors, forcing them to rely on voice and words alone to evaluate them as a potential date.

Should a celebrity bachelor like the sound of a contestant they’ll then pull their “love handle.” No, seriously, that’s not a joke either. The famous male mug will then finally be able to set eyes on his lady (again, a presumption) love.

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After a series of rounds and competitions, the ultimate winner will be whisked away on a dream date. Don’t cry sexism just yet, ladies — a reverse gender episode is planned, with female celebrities being hit on by single bachelors.

Which celebrities would you like to see on Fox’s The Choice? Will you be watching?

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