Alicia Silverstone launches eco-friendly line for Juice Beauty

Alicia Silverstone has long been an advocate for environmentally friendly eating habits, now she’s set her sights on outward beauty with a new line of natural makeup products.

Alicia Silverstone launches Juice Beauty

She was the picture of good health at the launch of her new line for Juice Beauty in Beverly Hills this week. Whether it’s the products, 13 years on a vegan diet, or the joy of being a relatively new mom, Silverstone was positively glowing.

SK: “Why is going vegan great for beauty?”

Silverstone: “When I went vegan the first thing that happened was people were saying I was glowing. My whole body felt light and more open. My skin was glowing, my eyes got really white, and I got skinnier. I had massive changes. I know everything is because of my diet and the products that I choose to use.”

SK: “How does your new skincare line for Juice Beauty fit into your healthy lifestyle choices?”

Silverstone: “When you’re a person who cares about the ingredients like I do, it’s really exciting. The products are all natural, organic and cruelty free. They use avocado, shea butter, sesame seed, sunflower seeds, aloe and fresh juices.”

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SK: “What are your tips for fellow busy moms to staying beautiful?”

Silverstone: “Eat well. Eat well and you’ll look beautiful, don’t eat well and it makes you tired. It makes everything harder.”

SK: “Eating vegan is clearly very important to you. Is it hard to get your husband or son Bear Blu to join you in the endeavor?”

Silverstone: “[My husband] is mostly vegan. And my baby right now is eating Nori Seaweed. He loves it. He loves everything I eat really. He loves squash soup and daikon. I mean what kid do you know that eats daikon?!”

SK: “What a perfect child! He’s celebrating his first birthday this month, what are some exciting changes he’s going through right now?”

Silverstone: “He’s very close to walking. The sounds that he’s making are adorable. He’s getting close to saying words so there are little noises coming out. Everything has just been amazing.”

SK: “Another fun celebration this month is obviously Mother’s Day. How do you plan to spend it?”

Silverstone: “We’ll probably go to the farmers market. Probably cook.”

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SK: “Speaking of mothers, what’s the most important lesson your mother ever taught you?”

Silverstone: “Not to waste. She was very big on not wasting anything.”

Alicia clearly took that lesson to heart. Not only is the packaging for her beauty line recyclable, it is all made from recycled water bottles and paper.

The Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Collection consists of five products: A cleanser, moisturizer, highlighter, lip balm and light-weight powder. Each was formulated to work for any skin type or color.

They are currently available exclusively at Ulta for the next six months.

Photo credit: Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio