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Junior Seau suicide: Did anyone see it coming?

Junior Seau’s shocking death has left family, friends and fans alike reeling. Read on to find out what his devastated mother had to say and if any of his friends saw the alleged suicide coming.

The suspected suicide of former San Diego Chargers player Junior Seau has left his friends and family devastated and wondering what could have driven the popular athlete to kill himself.

Seau’s mother sobbed outside of her son’s home just hours after his body was discovered by his live-in girlfriend with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest, which police are saying was self-inflicted.

“Monday, Tuesday (he was) talking to me, joking. Junior, why you never tell me?” his mother, Luisa Seau, cried mere hours after his death. “I don’t understand, I don’t understand. I prayed to God, ‘Take me. Take me, and leave my son.’ But it’s too late. Too late.”

Seau’s mom isn’t the only one who is utterly shocked by the death. In addition to a multitude of celebrity athletes who expressed their dismay on Twitter, fellow Charger Hank Bauer told USA Today, “I’m crushed. There was zero warning that anything was wrong with him. He seemed happy and at peace. This is when his life should have been great.”

“I think the message is this: We all forget that people we idolize are just… people. Do we have unreal expectations of our heroes?”

But Steve Scholfield, sports editor for the Oceanside Blade-Tribune said some close to Seau revealed the signs were there.

“He was troubled trying to find his lot in life after football,” Scholfield said. “Football was his life. He could absolutely light up a room with his smile, but he had a dark side. He was a conflicted person.”

Funeral plans for Junior Seau have not yet been released.

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