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Victoria Beckham loses her head — and her kid

Victoria Beckham has a gorgeous family and a thriving career, so she totally must have it all together, right? Wrong. Read on to find out exactly how, well, human this mom of four actually is.

Victoria BeckhamEvery working mom has days when she wishes there were three of her, if only to remember everything she needs to remember — but Victoria Beckham‘s memory lapse is definitely one for the books.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the former Spice Girl revealed her biggest mommy oops moment.

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“This is a funny story. I got up in the morning, and I knew that I had a whole morning full of conference calls,” Beckham explained. “So I got up early with Harper, sorted Harper out, got all the kids their breakfast, got them ready for school, put Harper in the car seat, and said, ‘Come on, kids, we have to get going or we’re going to be late’ — every morning I take Brooklyn, and David takes the little boys to school. We take it in turns because they go to two different schools.”

“So I jump in my Range Rover, put the car seat in, put my iPod on — obviously very important — and I drive to school. And then I realize, I’d left Brooklyn in the kitchen. I was driving along, talking away and all the sudden, I looked at the front seat, and I was like, ‘S**t! S**t! I’ve forgot something!”

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In a moment she will never forget, Beckham explained, “I’d gotten down the road, and I literally had to turn around and drive back up the driveway. And David was standing there in the driveway with all three boys, just [shakes her head]. And I felt like such an idiot because I was in such a rush. Harper was in the car, I was in the car and we were on the way to school. But we did not have the child who needed to go to school.”

So next time you forget to turn the oven on when you’re cooking dinner, don’t feel bad.

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