RED HOT BOOK OF THE WEEK: Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster

New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster is back with her sixth memoir, Jeneration X. It’s smart, LOL funny and full of life lessons to which we can all relate — just a few of the reasons it’s our pick for the Red Hot Book of the Week.

About Jeneration X Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster

Jeneration X is hands down, Jen Lancaster’s funniest memoir yet.

From the full title of her book alone,  Jeneration X: One Reluctant Adult’s Attempt to Unarrest Her Arrested Development; Or, Why It’s Never Too Late for Her Dumb Ass to Learn Why Froot Loops Are Not for Dinner you know it’s going to be another hilarious page-turner. But it’s the comedic tales she shares that suck you in for a wild ride as you hungrily devour chapter after chapter of Lancaster’s witty moments.

This book will appeal to all, but in particular the Gen Xer who will laugh and relate as Lancaster, a Gen Xer herself, explores what it means to finally decide to grow up — sort of.

Jen decides she’s finally ready to put away childish things (except her Barbie Styling Head, of course) and embrace the investment-making, mortgage-carrying, life-insurance-having adult she’s become. From getting a mammogram to volunteering at a halfway house, she tackles the grown-up activities she’s resisted for years, and with each rite of passage she completes, she’ll uncover a valuable—and probably humiliating—life lesson that will ease her path to full-fledged, if reluctant, adulthood.

In particular, you don’t want to miss when Jen confronts buying a home, perimenopause and a home-waxing kit. Let the comedy ensue!

See it for yourself

A great teaser for the comedy-packed memoir, check out the book trailer for Jeneration X. For starters, Lancaster deliberately makes herself look like a disheveled Sarah Palin.

Watch the Jeneration X book trailer >>

About Jen Lancaster

It all started with her self-proclaimed ranting on her blog,, that turned into her first New York Times bestselling memoir, Bitter is the New Black. And from there, she wrote the memoirs — Bright Lights, Big Ass; Such a Pretty Fat; Pretty in Plaid and My Fair Lazy (which, of course, all have long, hilarious subtitles). Somewhere in there, she also found time to write her fiction debut, If You Were Here, which also shot to the top of the bestseller lists, proving she’s just as talented as writing about fictional characters as she is at writing about herself.

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