Octomom pays big bucks for hairdo while kids poop in yard

Nadya Suleman — otherwise known as the Octomom — received an unwanted visit from social services after her hairstylist reported her for child neglect.

Nadya Suleman visited by social services

Nadya Suleman claims that she’s a great mom to her litter of 14 children, but her hairstylist doesn’t seem to think so. The Octomom received a visit from California social workers after the stylist reported that the children lived in squalor with only one working toilet in the home, according to TMZ.

However, social services didn’t feel like the children are in any immediate danger.

“You have to look at the whole picture, not just one thing,” said Terry Lynn Fisher, the public information officer for Orange County Social Services, to E! Online. “There are days when the plumbing goes out and you have to call a plumber. It’s not against the law for people to leave unfolded laundry on the floor. It’s not against the law to allow kids to draw on the walls and create masterpieces.”

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“Look, she’s toilet-training eight 3-year-olds,” Fisher said. “While the situation may not meet your or my idea, it’s not against the law.”

However, Suleman — now on food stamps — won’t be winning any “mother of the year” awards after the hairstylist gave some pretty awful photos to TMZ. The hairstylist — identified as Stephanie — gave the gossip website a check the Octomom gave her for a haircut and Brazilian blowout. The price tag? $520.

What’s worse: Another photo turned over to TMZ shows that Suleman locked her kids in a bedroom while the stylist was there and propped a chair underneath the handle to keep them inside.

Stephanie told TMZ that the Octomom complained that a plumber was going to charge her $150 to fix the pipes in her home. She declined the repairs, opting to make the kids go #1 and #2 on training toilets in the backyard.

Who wants to bet that social services will be back there soon?

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