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Dad says six is enough for Angelina Jolie

Should Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have more kids? Angie’s dad Jon Voight says no! Read on to find out why.

Jon VoightJon Voight was estranged from his daughter Angelina Jolie for years because he kept talking about her to the media. Now that they have reconciled dear ol’ dad is still talking — this time about his feelings on the reproductive choices of Angelina and her husband-to-be Brad Pitt.

The Hollywood power couple already has six children, and in Voight’s opinion that is quite enough, thank you very much. When asked by RadarOnline if he thinks the pair should add more shiny, happy faces to their brood Voight said, “I don’t think so… six is quite a group you know.”

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This despite the fact that he praises Angelina’s mom skills.

“She’s one of those people that can do many things at once and has many passions,” he said. “She is a remarkable actress and then she’s lovely with her children. I always get a great deal of joy when I’m with she and her children. I see the way she takes care of six children at the same time … and it’s a lot of fun. She’s a lot of fun with them.”

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Voight’s outspokenness on the subject of his wildly famous daughter may be why he has no clue when — or even if — a wedding will happen.

“They haven’t given me any insight into that. I can’t really trust what people say. The newspapers and magazines seem to go their own way, and so I have to get it from Angie,” he told US Weekly. “I’ve seen her recently and we’ve had a great time, but we haven’t talked about that.”

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