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Vanessa Lachey controls energy and cravings while pregnant

Baby cravings and energy depletion are a wipeout for this Hollywood mom-to-be! Vanessa Lachey talks pregnancy strategies and how Nick helps out a ton.

Vanessa Lachey struggles with prenancy cravings and energy depletion

Though Vanessa Lachey does admit to losing control of her mood swings, she’s trying her best to have a firm grip on her pregnancy cravings.

“I think it’s important to let yourself indulge but what I eat, what I put into my body, goes directly to my baby,” she told Parade. “It makes you think, ‘Do I really want to get that Snickers bar snack or do I want to get a bowl of fruit?’ So then I go for the fruit and the antioxidants.”

She added, “But of course, I’m human, and after we went out to dinner last night, I had a bowl of ice cream. After the baby is born, I still want to have me. I don’t want to start at ground zero to try and get back to that.”

Besides her diet, Vanessa also discussed her depleting energy throughout the day.

“The thing that really helps is having a partner who is willing to be so supportive. Anything and everything he can do to help, he does,” she explained. “And just reminding myself of why I am doing what I am doing. Realistically, whenever I can get a nap, I do. I get 30 minutes for lunch so I eat for the first 10 and then I sleep the next 20. Every minute you can get!”

Though they’re still newlyweds, Vanessa and Nick dated for five years — so energy depletion and pregnancy cravings are nothing compared to what they’ve been through as a couple and what lies ahead.

“I think the important thing is patience, communication, understanding and knowing when you are wrong. We all react and say things but it’s all about coming back and saying you’re sorry. It’s about knowing this is the person you will be married to for the rest of your life. There is nothing unforgivable, he is my partner, you know?”

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