Casey Anthony's new life: Caylee's ashes & a sugar daddy

Apr 24, 2012 at 3:47 p.m. ET

Casey Anthony's new life sounds pretty cushy, according to a new book. Find out how she spends her days -- and what macabre piece of jewelry she's been spotted wearing.

Casey Anthony

Nearly a year after being acquitted of her daughter's murder, Casey Anthony is still in hiding -- but that doesn't mean she's not living high on the hog. A new book, #LiesLiesLies, Exposing Casey and Surviving the Smear, claims the most hated woman in America is serving out her one year probation on check fraud charges in a West Palm Beach home with an older man she calls Pops.

"Casey came to her new home in late August. She was given her own bedroom, bathroom and was able to swim in the backyard's pool whenever she liked," the books says.

"Casey was also enjoying her new gifts from various supporters -- her new iPhone and her camera, a professional-grade Canon. But Casey had one toy that by far outweighed the others; after all, her new laptop was her only connection to the outside world."

The book, self-published on Amazon by Amelia Noel Sobel and Myrah Nicole Young, also reveals that Casey wears a macabre piece of jewelry: The ashes of her murdered daughter Caylee in a vial around her neck.

Explaining that after months of silence Casey finally spoke with her mother Cindy on Skype before she left her California hideout to return to Florida, the authors claim the necklace Casey is seen wearing in a leaked online video diary is actually an ash holder.

"Cindy used the opportunity to ask Casey if she wanted to wear something that had been set aside for her three years ago," the book claims.

"With Casey's acceptance, Cindy would send this sacred offering through FedEx. Casey would leave California with a new accessory: An ash-holder necklace with a portion of Caylee's remains inside."

Casey's dad George Anthony refused to be part of the call. "George… was also nearby, but he refused to speak with his daughter," according to the book.

"George had been severely hurt by Casey's claims in court that not only did he molest her, he also helped cover up his granddaughter's death. He made a pledge to never speak to Casey again."

Casey Anthony was acquitted of Caylee's murder in July 2011.

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