Brian McKnight angers fans with explicit sex song

R&B crooner Brian McKnight is just itching for some attention, so he released a sexually explicit song via Twitter. It backfired. Find out what fans had to say about it.

Brian McKnight releases sex song

Brian McKnight rocketed to the top of the charts in the late ’90s with songs like “Anytime” and “Back at One”, but his career has stalled in recent years — and he’s painfully aware of it. The crooner decided to release a track from his sexually explicit “adult mixtape” that talked about, ahem, pleasing a woman — and it backfired, miserably. Fans took to Twitter to express their distaste for the raunchy tune, so he deleted it.

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“Funny how most of these folks have never been on my timeline when i wrote safe songs hmmmmm one sex filled song and im trending lol,” he tweeted. “Okay im taking it down and ill never do it again im putting up a safe song jeez no sense of humor but i trended for a little while.”

Then he started to feel sorry for himself.

“Its just sad that this is what i had to do to get most of these people to even acknowledge me,” he added. “Shutting it down for the night wow what a day I’m sure I’ll b forgotten tomorrow lol.”

People seemed to calm down by Tuesday morning and the majority of tweets were in support of the track.

“Hope you really put out the adult mixtape. I’m getting married in June and I need that for the cruise LOL,” one fan tweeted.

“I bet some of y’all who can’t laugh about @ItsBMcKnight were waiting with bated breath for EVERY episode of ‘Trapped In The Closet,'” another added.

Whatever your opinion, it’s hard to deny that the track is catchy. He does have a point about all of the people who are upset about it, though. “It’s funny how we listen and let our kids listen to songs about killing people and selling drugs and calling women b****es,” he tweeted Tuesday.

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