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Universal Studios creates insane Transformers ride

Universal Studios brings Transformers action to fans this summer with an exciting new ride opening May 25, 2012 at the California theme park.

Transformers the Ride 3D open at Universal Studios in May.Ah, the days of summer with glorious, leisurely days of theme parks and roller coasters are almost upon us. But let’s scratch the roller coasters and head instead to Universal Studios where the latest ride technology is combined with your favorite films. Universal Studios Hollywood will debut its latest ride — “Transformers: The Ride 3-D” — on May 25, 2012.

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President of Universal Creative, Mark Woodbury, is excited about the new ride and says it brings the Transformers experience front and center for fans. “We are going to put you in the middle of the story of Transformers from beginning to end. You’re going to come face-to-face with the characters. They are going to jump off the screen. They are going to get right in your face. You’re going to go into their world.”

Universal Studios even nabbed original voices from Michael Bay‘s blockbuster films. Peter Cullen — voice of Optimus Prime — will greet fans as the ride begins: “Welcome to Nest, recruits. Carry on.”

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Thierry Coup, vice-president of Universal Creative, explains the plot of the super interactive ride. “The whole premise of the ride is to come in as recruits and to help Nest… Instead of just watching Autobots and Decepticons fight we are actually part of the action. We are becoming one of the main actors in the action.”

If you aren’t familiar with all the terms in Transformers, here’s a quick guide: Autobots are good, Decepticons are evil and Nest is a U.S. military defense team of Autobots and humans to fight Decepticons.

Woodbury says it was an obvious choice to bring Tranformers to Universal Studios. “We have this great history of working with really smart people. We just finished with Peter Jackson to do ‘King Kong 360 3-D’ and so working with Michael Bay and ILM [Industrial Light & Magic] together to make a ride out of Transformers is just natural and what we found to be exactly the way to do it. You know, go to the source, get the people that really get it, bring their expertise combined with our history of ridge technology and immersive environment and great ride thrills and you know that’s the recipe for success.”

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Check out the making of Transformers: The Ride 3-D.

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