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A bachelorette again: Ali Fedotowsky talks new show, new life

Just when she thought she had found forever, Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky found herself single again. But with a new show, a new city and a new outlook, this busy lady isn’t letting a breakup hold her back. Here’s why Ali Fedotowsky is this month’s SheKnows Girl Crush.

Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky SheKnows' Girl Crush

Ali soaks up single and hits the road

With a new show, a new city and a new outlook, this busy lady isn’t letting a breakup hold her back. Here’s why we have our sights set on Ali this month.

Just when she thought she had found forever, Ali Fedotowsky found herself single again. They were one of the few Bachelorette couples to make it past the year mark but about six months ago America’s beloved couple, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez, split for good.

So how is one of our favorite Bachelorette’s doing post breakup? Just fine it seems!

We met up with Ali recently at her favorite spinning studio in West Hollywood where she told us all about her first full-time hosting gig for NBC’s new late night travel show, 1st Look.

“I’m so excited,” Ali gushed. “It’s just the best job I could possibly imagine. I travel all over the country and go to cool places.”

Though she experienced a lot of outrageous things on the Bachelor and Bachelorette, she managed to still find a few firsts on her new show.

“I ate fried alligator the other day,” Ali revealed. “I’ve eaten bone marrow, fried alligator, fried frog legs, fertilized duck eggs. It’s kinda weird, but I was like ‘when in Rome!'”

Is there a chance for love on the road?

Moving on, crossing city limits

When she’s not working — which isn’t often — she’s enjoying life in a new city. After her split from Roberto, Fedotowsky moved from San Diego to Los Angeles.

“I love L.A.,” Ali told us of her new home. “I love the weather. I love the interesting things there are to do. And I love my apartment. It’s small, and cozy and I’m doing things really girly.”

The active host spends most of her time spinning at the popular studio Soul Cycle, hiking the dog-lover hot spot Runyon Canyon and watching The Bachelor with her best gals. Yep, she’s not sick of it yet!

“I definitely still have Bachelorviewing parties with my girlfriends with wine and food,” said Ali. “I watch the show in different light now that I’ve been through it, but I do enjoy watching it still.”

Ali revealed that despite the backlash last season’s winner Courtney Robertson received, she found the sassy model to be a really nice girl. If Bachelorette‘s sweetheart approves of Robertson, maybe America is willing to give her a second chance, too?

“She’s great,” Ali revealed. “We exchanged information and I think we’re going to get together later in the week. She’s in L.A. I’m in L.A. You can always use more girlfriends.”

And though Bachelorette love didn’t end up working for her, Ali told SheKnows she hasn’t given up on love.

“I’m not quite ready [to date again],” said Ali. “But I would say, if I happen to stumble upon someone, I wouldn’t shy away. I’m definitely open to finding love again. Maybe when I’m traveling, I’ll meet someone on the road.”

We’re rooting for you, girl!


Ali falls victim to Sour Patch Kids, black bean burritos and Ramen noodles. Can you blame her? She also rewards herself with wine at dinner after a good workout. Cheers to that!

Watch Ali as she enjoys her new single life and sees the country on 1st Look, Saturdays on NBC after Saturday Night Live.

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