Is Chris Hemsworth too sexy to be taken seriously?

Apr 19, 2012 at 10:10 p.m. ET

Chris Hemsworth looks great both in and out of his shirt -- but is this sex pot too hot to last long-term in Hollywood? Read on to find out his take.

Chris HemsworthDon't hate him because he's beautiful -- just keep hiring him. Cabin in the Woods star Chris Hemsworth says his huge, sexy muscles could be a curse when it comes to a long-term career in Hollywood, but he's doing what he can to avoid being typecast.

"Being that size, you are very quickly stereotyped," Hemsworth told Out magazine of his post-Thor supersized sexy. "Clearly, you can't be talented if you're that bulky. He's going to be a meathead, you know?"

"You do wonder if you'll be restricted and not allowed to do anything else. But what it gives you far outweighs those negatives. Kenneth Branagh, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins -- this was not your average blockbuster superhero thing."

"Channing [Tatum] made a good point about audiences these days having ADHD," Hemsworth told the magazine. "You can't keep away for too long. Stars are pumped out. We live in a different age. The movie is a lot bigger than the star. There are plenty of guys you can throw into action roles, but you have to capitalize on it."

So will Hemsworth go the long haul? He has two more blockbusters coming out this summer: The Avengers with some ridiculously huge co-stars like Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans; and Snow White and the Huntsman with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. Both films required his brawn, but his next is much more cerebral.

Liam Hemsworth's big brother is currently filming Ron Howard's Rush, a biopic of Formula 1 legend James Hunt. "It's an acting thing, solely," he said. "It's character-based."

Still, his looks remain an issue, even if only for himself. "It's so easy to sound fake sincere when you talk about looks or whatever, but I never thought, Oh yeah, great, I look like this, therefore I ought to get that," he revealed. "We all have the same insecurities."

Read the rest of the interview with Chris Hemsworth in the May issue of Out.

Image courtesy Out