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SheKnows book review: The Singles by Meredith Goldstein

Sure to appeal to The Bridesmaids audience, Meredith Goldstein’s The Singles is an uproarious tale of going solo to a wedding.

About The Singles

Beth “Bee” Evans cannot understand why anyone would come alone to her wedding, especially whenThe Singles by Meredith Goldstein she gave everyone a plus one. Ignoring her generous offer, five people — Hannah, Vicki, Rob, Phil and Joe — have chosen to fly solo, and Bee has to figure out how to fit an odd number on her very even-numbered seating chart.

Hannah, Bee’s college friend, can barely stomach the wedding festivities and passes the time by either pining over her ex, Tom, who left her three years earlier, or obsessively calling Rob, whom she secretly hooked up with in college. Rob, on the other hand, has chosen to bail on the wedding altogether. Vicki, Bee’s freshman-year roommate, arrives with a SAD lamp that is supposed to improve her depression and a slew of V.C. Andrews’ novels. Phil is a mama’s boy who is very dear to his mother, but not so dear to any women in his life. And Joe is Bee’s estranged uncle with delusions about a chance encounter with a one-night stand.

Each “single” has their own story to tell, and Meredith Goldstein does a marvelous job of marrying these together into a funny and endearing read. Being single at a wedding can be an awkward experience, and these characters’ experiences will ring true with many readers.

The Singles is the perfect light read to tote along this wedding season! As a side note for movie goers, it is currently in script development with actress Jami Gertz’s production company Lime Orchard Productions.

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