It’s double trouble for Unforgettable star Daya Vaidya

Unforgettable star Daya Vaidya is going to be a mom — three times over! Read on to find out what the actress had to say about her happy news.

Daya VaidyaUnforgettable star Daya Vaidya got some unforgettable news recently: The actress is expecting identical twins!

“Even when my doctor saw only one baby in our first ultrasound, my husband said he strangely felt there were two babies,” Vaidya told Life & Style. “When they finally saw the second baby at three months, my jaw dropped to the floor, and my husband said with a huge smile, ‘I told you so!'”

“I know we’ll have our hands full, but we’re beyond thrilled about our two little additions,” Vaidya said of herself and husband Don Wallace. “We have our health, our careers and with the birth of our boys, our family will be complete. We couldn’t feel more lucky.”

While the actress is no stranger to pregnancy — she and Wallace have a 3-year-old daughter, Leela — she said the process is much more difficult when the heft is doubled.

“I literally hiked mountains during my ninth month,” she said of her first pregnancy. “With twins, it’s like walking around with a boulder in my belly and a belt around my lungs. I can barely walk two blocks, and I’m only in my fifth month!”

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Finding something to wear? That’s much easier. Complimenting the frocks she got to wear for a recent shoot for the London Times, she said, “Their dresses are beautiful. I couldn’t believe how flattering and perfect they were for a growing belly. When you’re pregnant with multiples, you hold your breath every morning hoping the maternity clothes you bought last week still fit.”

As for her coworkers, who include actors Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, they could not be more supportive. “Once my pregnancy was announced, the cast, crew and producers went out of their way to make sure I was healthy and comfortable,” Vaidya says. “I’m truly grateful for the progress achieved for pregnant women in the workplace. It makes such a difference.”

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