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Must-read: The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick

Popular women’s fiction author and dog lover herself, Beth Kendrick delights readers with her latest novel that connects people with their canine soulmates in a charming tale about finding the perfect match.

The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

Lara Madigan has a special gift. She helps people find their soulmates — their canine soulmates. She works as a dog trainer and finds no greater joy than connecting dogs to their new owners. She especially has a soft spot for strays and can easily look past their appearance flaws and love them all the same. But Lara has a harsh reality check when her live-in boyfriend drops a bombshell — he’s not a dog person and he’s through with all the furry pets Lara keeps bringing home.

Lara has no choice but to pack up her belongings and dogs and move in temporarily with her mother. The transition isn’t any easier, as Lara’s mother is a wealthy fashionista with no interest or patience for the dogs. But some good does come from behind the pearly gates of the exclusive community — Lara is bombarded with outlandish job requests from the rich and pampered. From personal training a model’s flabrador to preparing a pup for dog show dominance, Lara is suddenly the it girl in the neighborhood. But will love come back Lara’s way? A rescue dog may just end up rescuing her in this heartwarming tale featuring a lot of laughs, love and irresistible dogs.

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