Rockford Files remake: Vince Vaughn's on the case!

Apr 17, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. ET

The Rockford Files has found its new ace detective. Vince Vaughn has landed the lead role in the big screen remake of the defunct TV series. The actor will take over the role originally and famously played by James Garner.

Vince VaughnUniversal Pictures is producing another remake and this time it's for an old TV show. The studio is bringing the former NBC drama The Rockford Files to the big screen.

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The series originally ran from 1974-1980 and starred James Garner as Jim Rockford.

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According to Deadline, Vince Vaughn will headline the film version, which will center on the down and out private investigator.

On the original series, Jim had a shady past, which consisted of a short stint in prison. During the days where good-looking and fashion savvy detectives ruled the airwaves, Jim was slightly rough around the edges.

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He lived in a trailer, dressed sloppy and used his gift of gab to get information. Two years ago, NBC tried their hand at a TV reboot starring Dermot Mulroney but decided to scrap the idea after testing it with audiences. Since it won't work on TV (again), they're trying their hand at film.

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The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and Roy Huggins and was a commercial and critical success. It earned Garner a Primetime Emmy for best lead actor, while Stuart Margolin and Rita Moreno scored wins in the best supporting and guest star categories.

Before tackling Garner's famous role, Vaughn will appear in the upcoming comedy, Neighborhood Watch (July 27). The film co-stars frequent collaborator Ben Stiller and Oscar-nominee Jonah Hill.

Can Vince Vaughn fill James Garner's shoes?

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