Heidi Montag really desperate, releases new album

Heidi Montag released a new album last week titled Dreams Come True with a super sexy cover. Try not to get too excited, though. The songs are actually recycled from her first album originally released back in 2010. Here’s hoping no one notices!

Heidi Montag releases new album, "Dreams Come True."Somehow we missed the return of Heidi Montag to the music scene. The Hills cast member and ex-bff of Lauren Conrad released a new album on April 11, 2012 aptly titled Dreams Come True.

The album cover shows Montag in a revealing hot pink “monokini” — as Us Weekly calls it — while she strikes a sexy pose. Us Weekly also reports the entire track list includes four songs she already released in her 2010 debut album, Superficial. That’s right: Dreams Come True is comprised of songs Montag already billed on her first album over two years ago. Although to be fair, it’s not likely fans remember the songs. At a production cost of over $2 million, her first album sold only 1,000 copies in its initial week of release. No word yet on Dreams Come True‘s production cost.

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Montag hasn’t been shy in her attempts to remain relevant and in the public eye. She starred in The Hills from 2005 to 2010 and was featured on the cover of Maxim in February 2008. That same year, Heidi also released her own fashion line, “Heidiwood,” although the line was not renewed by retailers after dismal sales. Perhaps Montag’s biggest break post-Hills came from her 2009 cover of Playboy Magazine.

Most recently, Heidi was a cast member on VH1’s Famous Food in 2011. She starred along other infamous reality stars such as Danielle Staub and former call girl Ashley Dupre.

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Heidi Montag fueled tabloids during her years on The Hills due to her very public feud with Lauren Conrad, her tumultuous marriage to Spencer Pratt, and her self-admitted addiction to plastic surgery. Montag spoke to People in January of 2010 and revealed she had 10 surgeries in one day, explaining she was “absolutely beyond obsessed.” When asked why she continued to go under the knife, Heidi revealed her insecurities and desire to attain perfection. “I would say the biggest reason is to feel better, to feel perfect. I was made fun of when I was younger, and so I had insecurities after I moved to LA… I was an ugly duckling before.”

Photo courtesy of DJDM / WENN.com