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Justin Timberlake wants to camp out in your house

Justin Timberlake is branching out into interior design. How can you get him into your house? Read on to find out.

Justin Timberlake

Want Justin Timberlake in your bedroom? You can have him there, and in your kitchen, and in your bathroom, and on the dining room table… And the best part is that his fiancée Jessica Biel won’t even be jealous.

The singer/actor has announced the launch of a new home collection in collaboration with longtime friend and interior designer Estee Stanley. Available exclusively on, the collection embodies a classic California feel.

“Well, this was really a collaboration with Estee,” Timberlake told Elle Decor. “I don’t think I would do it if we weren’t in it together. We’ve known each other for a long time and have worked together on my homes — we really have a like-minded vision for design so when BeachMint [the company behind HomeMint and sister sites StyleMint and BeautyMint] came to us with the opportunity, it felt like a really natural thing for us to do together. Estee and I are great friends, so it’s a lot of fun.”

“Estee’s like the sister that I never got to terrorize. And so any chance I get to do that, I relish,” he joked about the pair’s partnership. “But I probably got on her nerves more. I’ll sit and I’ll look at hardware for hours. Literally, for hours, I’ll sit and compare hardware. The devil’s in the details. I mean, it’s your home, it has to be your own. I like a lot of different things and the challenge is taking all the pieces you love and finding the common thread between them so it doesn’t look like it’s all just thrown into the same room.”

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Timberlake’s own personal design aesthetic is evident throughout the entire collection. “I like very clean, almost modern architecture, and the obstacle with something like that is making it extremely warm, because it doesn’t naturally lend itself to that,” he told the magazine. “With everything [Stanley and I] do together, we try to get the juxtaposition right. To make pieces and rooms that are multifaceted, that blend different genres of architecture and design.”

Get a sneak peek at Justin Timberlake’s home collection at

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