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A royal in prison? Pippa Middleton in big gun scandal

Is Kate Middleton’s little sister headed to the clink? It’s possible after a weekend incident involving a convertible, a gun and a photographer.

Pippa Middleton spotted with a gun

It was almost a year ago when we were first introduced to Pippa Middleton and her ahem, assets, at the royal wedding. What a difference a year makes. As for now? The best-butted little sister of Kate Middleton is in some trouble for flashing a gun at photographers in Paris.

Well, she didn’t have the gun — one of her friends pointed the pistol (or a realistic-looking fake) at the paps from the front seat of an Audi convertible.

The image — first published in the U.K. gossip newspaper The Sun — shows a laughing Pippa as the gun was pointed directly at the camera lens.

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“The driver took out the weapon and brandished it in broad daylight,” the gossip rag wrote. “He waved it in the air and pointed it at a photographer — whose snaps show the chilling moment the barrel of what looks like a semi-automatic stared straight down his lens.”

We’ll admit it: We’d probably wet ourselves if a gun were pointed in our general direction. However, they might be overreacting just a tad.

But French officials aren’t joking about the situation.

“If the evidence points to her involvement, she will be prosecuted. Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation,” a law enforcement official told The Sun, adding that “all parties involved” could get up to seven years in prison if the gun is deemed real.

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Pippa and her male buddies can get up to two years even if it’s a fake gun.

“Certainly if you were in a car and knew somebody was using a gun to warn people off you’d be liable to arrest,” the source said.

Yikes. The photographer is reportedly “considering his options,” meaning he’s probably going to make a big deal out of it for publicity.

Regardless, illegally brandishing a gun in public — even as a joke — is really, really stupid.

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Should Pippa Middleton and pals get in trouble for their gun prank?

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