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Hey, bully, stay away from my friend

The new Bully documentary raising awareness about how to end the epidemic of bullying that seems to be sweeping the nation encourages people to stick up when you see someone being treated poorly.

SheKnows brings you an exclusive public service announcement from Kathy Wakile from The Real Housewives of New Jersey on the importance of standing up when you see a bully in action.

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Statistics show that if someone else intervenes when a child or student is being bullied, the bully is most likely to stand down. “Over 50% of the time when a bystander stands up to bullying, the bullying stops within 10 seconds,” Wakile tells viewers in a straightforward TV spot.

Set against a white backdrop, Wakile speaks directly into the camera with great conviction as she pleads with students, teachers and parents alike to join together to fight against this growing problem in America.

According to the research from the new documentary covering the issue, Bully, 13 million children are bullied every year in the United States. The victims often become insular, suffer from depression and sometimes commit suicide. The new documentary shines a light on the problem that has in the past been one that many have ignored or dismissed as “just a part of childhood.”

Directed by documentary filmmaker Lee Hirsch (Act of HonorThe Last and Only Survivor of FloraAmandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony), Bully follows five families through the course of one school year. Two of the families followed have lost a child due to suicide. The filmmaker himself was a victim of bullying throughout his childhood.

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Bully is an unrated documentary which releases wide in theaters April 13.

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