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Jessica Alba’s health problems from household products

What’s propelling Jessica Alba to sell Honest household products between film projects? Her untold, unhealthy past and the future of her own family.

Jessica Alba reveals childhood health problemsJessica Alba is currently penning The Honest Life, her first book filled with simple beauty routines, secretly healthy recipes and DIY projects. However, her hope for a clean and safe home isn’t just a marketing ploy, but is rooted from the dangers she experienced herself while young.

“As a child, I suffered from many different bizarre kind of health issues,” the actress said in a new interview with AOL. “Asthma and allergies were a big thing when I was growing up.”

She has found a solution that she hopes to spread to homes nationwide.

“I realized over time that when I eliminated fragrances and toxic chemicals in my environment, and especially Clorox, Lysol, the harsher ingredients that are in those products, it eliminated my allergies and my reactions,” explained Alba. “That was kind of a breakthrough moment for me, in knowing that you can control the environment that you live in and it will affect your health.”

She doesn’t hold any hostility toward her household though. “My parents for sure didn’t think that it was even possible that there could be anything in any products that could be harmful. Like most people in the ’70s and ’80s, you outsource your trust to the brands that you buy from.”

Alba is out to make a change though. “When I first became a parent, I wanted to put together the safest and healthiest home for my family, and I found that it was really frustrating and really difficult.”

This realization led Alba to start her own line of household products. “I really, really wanted one brand that I could trust that was transparent,” she noted. “I created this products company, and people can outsource their trust to us. We are trying to make the safest and healthiest products available.”

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