Hunger Games’ biggest fans! Meet the stars this upcoming June

Brainstorming where to take the family on vacation this summer? Consider Chicago an option — especially if you’ve got a crazed Hunger Games fan in the family.

The Hunger Games Convention comes to Chicago!Here’s an idea to get your teen excited about this year’s family vacation: Book a trip to the “Windy City” this June! Besides a trip filled with tourist attractions and a ton of Chicago-style pizza, be sure to schedule in some time for the first ever fan convention for The Hunger Games.

Creation Entertainment, a national event-planning company that specializes in sci-fi and series fan conventions, announced this week that they will be hosting the first official Hunger Games Convention on June 23 and 24. For two days, the Westin O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont will be flooded by the trilogy’s fans from all over the world.

Not much information (ticket prices or schedules) has been released just yet, but four stars from the first film are already locked in to appear: Willow Shields, who plays Katniss Everdeen’s little sister Primrose; Jacqueline Emerson, who plays the stealth Tribute Fox Face, and District 11’s riot-worthy pair, Thresh and Rue (Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla Stenberg).

According to Creation Entertainment, stars are announced once they’re contracted to stop by, so we’re hoping the company is still finding a way to coerce a few District 12 Tributes — and one very intoxicated mentor — to take a trip to Chicago as well. After all, it is from the same people who put on meetups for fans of The Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, Xena and more!

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