Bryant Gumbel: Sarah Palin hosting gig a Today Show low

Bryant Gumbel is “embarrassed” The Today Show gave Sarah Palin a turn in the anchor seat last week. Whatever happened to a guest journalist being, you know, a journalist?

Bryant Gumbel

Bryant Gumbel is not a fan of Sarah Palin — at least not as a news anchor. The former Today Show co-anchor was none too pleased to see the Alaskan politician playing journalist from his former chair last week.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Bryant Gumbel confessed he was “embarrassed” by Sarah Palin’s one-day appearance on The Today Show.

“[Hosts] used to be judged not just on their popularity level but the extent to which they were capable of interviewing someone or reporting on a situation, or able to have a degree of gravitas,” Bryant Gumbel shared of his frustration. “Now that is secondary to being popular.”

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Of course, not everyone is upset by Sarah Palin’s Today Show stint. Although brief, having the 48-year-old on-air boosted the morning show’s ratings up from the previous Monday, to 5.5 million viewers, countering Katie Couric’s one-week stint filling in at Good Morning America for regular host Robin Roberts.

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Despite the success, The Today Show‘s decision to have Sarah Palin host has been criticized by many. Championing the outrage is perhaps The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart, who spent a good portion of his air time last week ranting along the lines of Bryant Gumbel’s feelings.

“You’re pretending this whole appearance is some uncommonly ballsy way of sticking it to the lamestream media,” Jon Stewart said. “It’s just another place for you to tout your brand of homespun nonsense unchallenged!”

Do you share Bryant Gumbel’s feelings about Sarah Palin hosting The Today Show?

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