Perez Hilton reveals ridiculously ripped body

From flab to fab: See the amazing transformation of Perez Hilton and his abs! Is his new look the result of diet and exercise or did he go under the knife?

Perez Hilton

It’s no secret that gossip blogger Perez Hilton has been shedding the pounds — he even started a dedicated health blog because of it — but no one had any idea he looked like this!

The blogger showed up at LOGO’s 2012 NewNowNext Awards strutting the red carpet in an “Oops, I forgot my shirt” style suit and a big smile, showing off his sculpted abs. It’s a far cry from the pudgy, mean gossip we were introduced to years ago in the heyday of his namesake Paris Hilton.

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The newly svelte blogger said he has lost between 70 to 80 pounds since beginning his weight loss journey, but there’s no shocking secret or trick behind his success. He has had no surgery and will not be shilling any diet plans.

“No surgery. No shortcuts. HARD work! And time!” he wrote on Twitter after the red carpet pics were released — and he later elaborated on how he achieved his weight loss success.

“It wasn’t quick,” he told the Huffington Post “GayVoices” section. “And I worked for it! I’m still working for it! In fact, I’m working much harder on my fitness now than when I first started this journey.”

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“Looking good isn’t as good as feeling good. And I feel better than ever! I hope I’m able to inspire others.”

And how about that outfit? Isn’t it a little showy-offy? “That outfit was more than just about fashion for me. It was also a statement,” he explained. “I was saying, ‘I’m owning my body. I’ve worked very hard to transform it. And I’m feeling GREAT!'”

Tell us: Did Perez Hilton drop the weight with diet or surgery?

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