Thank Karma, Justin Bieber escapes brush with the law

Justin Bieber’s fancy new set of wheels almost landed him a hefty ticket on Easter Sunday. Find out what happened with the singer’s coveted Fisker Karma!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s shiny new Fisker Karma was nearly adorned with a hefty ticket on Easter Sunday. The 18-year-old singer, seen here crossing paths with a Los Angeles police officer, seems to be in need of a little extra instruction on where — and where not — to park his $116,000 electric car.

Justin Bieber‘s Fisker Karma, pictured in the photo below, was illegally parked outside of a Beverly Hills shopping center on Sunday, April 8. The teen sensation, who received the coveted electric car as a birthday gift during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, had to be asked by law enforcement to move his pricey ride out of a no-parking zone, into the kind us regular folk use on a daily basis.

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Two days prior to Justin Bieber’s illegal parking faux pas, he and girlfriend Selena Gomez took the custom-painted Fisker Karma out for a meal — opting to pick up Chick-fil-A from a drive-thru in Hollywood.

The young power couple both went as incognito as possible inside the shiny chrome sports car, opting for hats and sunglasses. After picking up their fast food, the couple reportedly drove to Jim Henson Studios.

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While Justin Bieber’s Twitter account made no mention of his Easter brush with the law, the “Boyfriend” singer did have this message to send out to his over 19 million fans on Sunday, “reaching out to loved ones and family…and u guys qualify in that category. so… HAPPY EASTER! #muchlove.”

Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma

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