Jesse James wants us to get over it already

Apr 9, 2012 at 9:25 a.m. ET

Jesse James is still the most-hated celebrity in America -- but he'd like us to get over it, and soon.

Jesse James

Jesse James is trying to rehab his image and would really prefer if we just forget about the whole cheating on Sandra Bullock and lying to her for years thing.

"I think I've paid the price and then some, you know? I don't know anybody anywhere that's had to endure what I had to endure for basically infidelity," the 42-year-old told omg! from Yahoo. "It's just the nature of my life. People always will want me sainted one minute, and strung up the next."

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"I stood up like a man and admitted my wrongs and what I did and all that did is make every s*** tabloid everywhere across the world come after me even harder," he whined. "I'm strong. I can take it. Everybody can take cheap shots and say I'm a horrible dad, and that I'm a Nazi, and all this other bulls***. Give me all you got. Because you know what? I know inside what kind of a person I am. I know I'm an awesome dad. I'm devoted to my work. And I work hard to take care of my family."

In addition to the whole cheater/liar/Nazi thing, James was also accused of being a homophobe -- something to which he takes particular exception.

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"My older brother was gay, and looked just like me, and happened to die of HIV five years ago. Nobody ever cared to ask about that," he said. "I think people just judge me by the way I look. That predates fame or any of that stuff. People have always been scared of me and always think I'm a bigot or a racist or a homophobe just by the way I look. I'm 6-foot-3, and 215 pounds, [and a] tattooed-up white boy. It fits a criminal or whatever. They don't realize."

Why is this guy running his mouth again? Publicity, of course. His new reality special Jesse James: Outlaw Garage debuts Monday on the Discovery Channel. Check your local listing for time. Or don't. He doesn't really care.

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