See Jennifer Lopez in a video orgy

Apr 6, 2012 at 4:26 p.m. ET

Jennifer Lopez gave us a sneak peek at her new video for "Dance Again" on American Idol last night. Was it too hot for primetime? See for yourself.

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez is apparently over that soon-to-be ex of hers. The American Idol judge has a scintillating new video showing her and boyfriend-of-the-moment Casper Smart getting hot and heavy with a bevy of barely-dressed beauties.

Lopez gave Idol viewers a sneak peek at the video for her new single "Dance Again" last night, and it was definitely way hotter than many expected for the family-friendly time slot.

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In the video, Lopez can be seen luring Smart through a nightclub, making out with him half-naked in a hotel hallway, groping, straddling and pawing at each other while naked and covered in glitter. You know the usual Saturday night kind of stuff.

The couple is then seen floating towards what can only be described as a writhing mass of orgiastic sexuality, and by the end of the video Lopez is blindfolding her boyfriend Smart while straddling him.

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"Was there any chemistry on the set of the video with any of the dancers?" Ryan Seacrest deadpanned as he introduced the sneak peek.

"It's a good video," Lopez asserted, blushing and giggling. "I can't wait for you all to see it! Enjoy it, enjoy the song, it's very close to my heart. It has a great message, and I hope everybody likes it."

That message, according to the lyrics, is that you should have lots of the sex. To wit:

"Baby, your fire is lighting me up / The way that you move boy is reason enough / That I like to make love to you baby / I can't behave, oh I want you so much / Your lips taste like heaven, why should I stop?"

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The Buzz: JLo looks sexy in her new video for "Dance Again"

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