Three Stooges beg moms for a little love

The new 30-second commercial advertising the release of The Three Stooges reaches out to moms to support the insanity by sending husbands, kids and dogs to the movies… if only to get a little rest for two hours.

The Three Stooges

What kind of stooges do they think we are? Wait a second, husbands, kids and dogs gone for two hours? They might just have something with this commercial. Maybe it is a good idea to relax for a while.

The 30-second spot which aired last night during American Idol suggests that women who are fed up with the demands a man can put on her life can find solace — in the form of relaxation, a hot bath or pure silence — by sending her loved ones to see the new Three Stooges movie.

Leave it to the Farrelly Brothers (Something about Mary, Hall Pass, Dumb and Dumber) to bring this popular comedy trio of the ‘40s and ‘50s, Larry, Moe and Curley, back to the big screen.

The vaudeville act was known for its unfortunate hijinks, stabbing each other in the eye and more pratfalls than a Jim Carrey movie.

But now with the new life of the 21st century, this trio, who are incidentally orphans — Harry Potter, you don’t own every plot device! — must find a way to save their childhood home.

Wackiness definitely ensues, as well as a murder plot. And before it’s all said and done, these three geniuses — played by Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace), Will Sasso (Vince from $#*! My Dad Says) and Chris Diamantopoulos — become famous as reality TV stars.

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SheKnows brings you this exclusive look at the commercial that pleads with your sensibilities as a woman to get a little much-needed relaxation, thanks to the three stooges. Finally, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk might come in handy!

The Three Stooges releases in theaters April 13. The film co-stars Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Hudson.

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