Red hot memoir of the month: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

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Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Jenny Lawson, better known as the Bloggess, grew up just a few steps out of the circle of normal in a small town in west Texas. You might think your family is wacky, but you have nothing on Lawson. In 30-some short chapters, she opens the doors and windows onto her childhood and marriage so we can see the deep (almost) truths of contemporary life.

Whether she’s scaring the vultures off her half-buried dog, learning throw-cushion etiquette at her mother-in-law’s or arguing with her husband via sticky notes — Lawson’s sharp, self-directed wit is contagious. Even when you don’t want to laugh, or maybe shouldn’t be laughing at all, you can’t help it. Few people take the time to find the ridiculousness of everyday life… Lawson makes it a habit.

The stories in Let’s Pretend This Never Happened are told in a mix of styles and formats that add to the fun of the memoir. Lest some of the incidents seem too crazy to be real, Lawson provides proof-positive by including a handful of photos. Rather than sweep it all under the rug, Jenny Lawson chooses to share because, as she says, “There is joy in embracing — rather than running screaming from — the utter absurdity of life.”

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