Mark Wahlberg still sleeps with a teddy bear…?

Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis team up in this quirky romantic comedy about a grown man who still talks to his stuffed animal, a bear named Ted.


And when we say talks, we mean literally talks.

Mark Wahlberg plays John, a semi-cheesy, semi-desperate single guy who doesn’t know it but he’s looking for the girl of his dreams in the new romantic comedy, Ted.

Too bad his only friend in the world is a stuffed animal — a cherished teddy to be exact — who came to life when he was a boy after making a childhood wish.

When John meets Lori, played by Mila Kunis, everything changes. It might just be time for this big kid to grow up and be a man. The two start an adorable relationship that comes to a crashing halt when John reveals that he has a friend who’s not like anyone Lori has ever met before.

Seth MacFarlane, who wrote and directed the film, is the voice of the bear — who is named Ted. This little furry friend is not only weird, but he’s literally a co-dependent best friend to John. When John is afraid of thunder, Ted shows up. When John wants to get high, Ted lights a water bong. When John wants relationship advice, Ted… well, he’s not as helpful.

The raunchy, perverted stuffed animal is afraid of losing his bestie. We can relate, Ted. It’s not easy being cast aside for someone else.

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If you like a quirky comedy with a wry sense of humor, this might be just the romantic comedy for you. MacFarlane is creator of the famed TV show Family Guy, and here he makes his feature film debut with Ted. The live-action/animated hybrid is due out in theaters July 13.

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The film co-stars Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar, Saving Private Ryan, Gone in 60 Seconds) and Joel McHale (Community, The Big Year, What’s Your Number?).

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