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10 Most romantic Bachelor moments

The Bachelor franchise just recently celebrated its 10th birthday and what could be a better way to celebrate than counting down some of the most romantic moments in Bachelor and Bachelorette history?

The Bachelor gets a lot of flack for its dramatics and lack of successful relationships, but there have been quite a few moments that made us all swoon! Here are our top 10 favorite romantic moments.

1. Reid returns to propose to Jillian

Jillian Harris and Reid Rosenthal on The Bachelorette

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat when fan-favorite Reid returned in the finale to propose to Jillian Harris! Hearts then broke when we all knew that she was too far-gone and head-over-heels in love with Ed!

2. Ashley and JP’s first date

Ashley Hebert and JP on The Bachelorette

This clip was actually never shown on the show but it was romantic for so many reasons. For one, you can tell Ashley is absolutely comfortable in front of JP because she wore her ugly glasses and PJs for the date. Secondly, she fell asleep on him, finally feeling like she could trust someone in this process after Bentley was so awful to her!

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3. Ames leaves Bachelor Pad after Jackie gets voted off

Ames and Jackie fall in love on Bachelor Pad

By far, one of the cutest moments ever in Bachelor history (OK, technically Bachelor Pad). You could see how heartbroken Ames was when Jackie left and we’re pretty sure we even clapped and cried as we watched him run towards the limo.

4. Byron’s proposal to Mary

Bachelor Byron and his final rose, Mary

Sadly, ABC is horrible with providing videos for earlier seasons of the show — but one of the most romantic proposals happened when Byron proposed to Mary in Spanish, so her Spanish-speaking parents watching at home would know exactly what he said.

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5. Ryan’s SeaWorld poem to Trista

Trista and Ryan Sutter pose with baby Blakesley

Ryan proved that he was more than a pretty face after he shared with Trista a very heartfelt poem written for her. She got teary, they kissed and ended up as one of the franchise’s most successful and in love couples. Brad Paisley even wrote a song for their wedding later that was inspired by this poem!

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6. Molly and Jason’s first dance at their wedding

Jason and Molly Mesnick at their wedding

Maybe it’s just the fact that this is one of our all-time favorite songs or maybe it was their really romantic wedding but we loved their first dance to Gavin DeGraw’s “Follow Through.” You can tell how happy and in love they both are while they dance!

7. Andy’s proposal to Tessa

Bachelor Andy proposes to Tessa

It was pretty obvious to viewers throughout the season that Tessa was the only one for Andy. She wanted to leave multiple times but he always fought with her to stay. When he proposed to her, it marked the second time in seven seasons that a Bachelor actually proposed and you could tell how crazy these two were about each other!

8. Ali and Roberto dancing on the streets in Portugal

Bachelorette Ali Fedotowski dances with beau Roberto

The chemistry between Ali and Roberto was evident from night one, so we could name a couple romantic moments between them. But our favorite romantic moment occurred when Roberto asked her for an impromptu dance in the streets of Lisbon! Sexy!

9. Ian’s proposal to Meredith

Bachelorette Meredith Phillips

We all thought that Ian wouldn’t propose to Meredith after he insisted to his brother that he would never do it. However, Ian confessed that after he saw Meredith during the finale, he couldn’t deny that he wanted to marry her. The surprise and their happiness ended up in one of the most romantic Bachelorette proposals ever!

10. Ashley and JP’s beach kiss in the rain

We know, we know — we already have one JP and Ashley moment in here but it was hard to find old footage from previous seasons and this moment was too romantic not to include it! JP and Ashley have a much-needed chat on the beach and Ashley encourages him to be patient. He replies that he isn’t going anywhere and then they share one of the steamiest kisses in Bachelor history… in the rain!

Happy Birthday, Bachelor!

Images courtesy of WENN/ABC

So what do y’all think? Did we leave out any of your favorite moments? Which should we have included?

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