Will Adele sing again for the next James Bond flick?

Adele shares when we can next expect new music from her. So will her 2012 single be from the newest James Bond movie, Skyfall?

Adele for Skyfall?

Nevermind, we won’t find anyone else like Adele, and not hearing new music from her is tearing up our hearts as much as the entire album of 21 did.

However, the British singer bears some good news! While speaking to a French radio station this week, she promised that fans can look forward to her new single before the end of 2012, according to E! News.

“There will be a new song, probably coming out at the end of the year,” she told France’s NRJ. “But then it depends how quickly I write some of the other songs.”

However, she says the rest will be worth the wait — the very long wait.

“If I didn’t write my own songs, I’d be out next week with a new album. I have to take time and live a little bit. There were a good two years between my first and second albums, so it’ll be the same this time.”

So if her album won’t be out for about two more years, but a single will hit the radio before 2013, could her upcoming track be the theme song for the new James Bond flick, Skyfall? We hope so!

Nevertheless, Adele isn’t in any kind of rush to produce good music — whenever that may come to be.

“I don’t think I’ll feel the pressure for the next album to be as big as the last one because I know that’s not really possible. What’s happened with this album is very rare anyway.”

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