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Movie review: American Reunion

There are many reasons to go see American Reunion — and good old Stifler tops the list! If you’re a fan of the other American Pie films, you won’t want to miss this frolic into the best potty humor around.

American Reunion Under the premise of a 10-year (or 13-year?) high school reunion, the America Pie gang reunites for a weekend of goofy nostalgia. It’s not all smooth-Jet-Ski-sailing, however. Jim and Michelle (Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan) are parents now and desperately in need of some “sexy time.” Visiting Jim’s widower father (Eugene Levy) doesn’t exactly inspire romance, despite Jim’s dad’s bedroom advice that a “well-placed thumb” will buy you a lot of time, if your male “plumbing” isn’t working properly. Even more hilarious, Jim’s dad reveals the real reason Jim’s parents sent him to Hebrew school three times a week — and it wasn’t to ensure his religious edification. But Jim and Michelle struggle to find the time to connect as there are oh-so-many hilarious obstacles in the way.

The stupefying Stifler (Seann William Scott) steals the show when he joins up with the crew. I couldn’t help but laugh at his mal-intentioned pranks, especially when they succeeded. “Vagina shark” is one of his raunchier games, but you’ll want to cover your eyes when he turns some jocks’ beer cooler into a port-a-potty (and we’re not talking number one). Stifler gets his comeuppance, however, when the voluptuous Loni (Rebecca Field) takes his “orgasm donor” T-shirt literally. (Loni, you’re my hero!)

Stifler’s mom (the unstoppable Jennifer Coolidge) and Jim’s dad do manage to connect while smoking pot, that is until the police show up and Jim’s dad is overcome by paranoia. One of the things American Reunion does best is have fun examining the generational differences. Marriage for Jim’s dad was simpler for many reasons, one being that free porn wasn’t available on the internet, distracting the many husbands — and maybe wives — of Jim’s generation. When we meet 17-year-old Kara (Ali Cobrin), the neighbor girl Jason used to babysit, it’s clear she has a huge crush on him. Having grown up with Facebook and sexting, Kara’s generation doesn’t seem to have many inhibitions and putting herself out there to a married man doesn’t strike her as particularly taboo. But like his parents, Jim wants to have a strong bond with Michelle and they finally get their sexy on, making their “American reunion” a lot more exciting than their high school one.

Bottom line: The humor is mainly focused on human excrement and body parts, but it’s very funny nonetheless. If you liked the other American Pie movies, you’ll definitely enjoy this!

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