5 things we want to see in Mad Men season 5

Mad Men‘s season premiere was a two-episode premiere. Sunday’s third episode promises lots of drama. Now that the fifth season is underway, here are five moments we hope to see this season.

Mad Men

1. More Megan singing

We loved “Zoo Be Zoo” when Megan serenaded Don with the ’60’s classic “Zou Bisou, Bisou” (French for “a little kiss” which was the episode’s title). Jessica Paré didn’t know when she was cast as a little ole receptionist she’d soon have a bigger role to fill as Don’s wife. Nor did her character Megan know she’d fall head over heels for Don, or sing for him! Matt Weiner didn’t know either. He said in an interview that he kept it in his mind and it turned out to be the perfect element needed for the story development of the series. Maybe Megan’s dream is to be a singer and we can hear more 1960s classics, how about “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” by the Supremes? or maybe a female cover of “Light my Fire” by the Doors. That would take it from coy to on fire.

2. Don & Megan: Happily ever after — for a while

Before there’s trouble in paradise, let us bask in the paradise for a moment. Jon Hamm said he’d like his character to “be happy for a while.” It was nice seeing Don tell Megan how much he loves her. Maybe he can open up, maybe he does have a softer side and can stay monogamous. Some crazy rumors hint there may be a Don-Joan affair but that seems too impossible to believe. Then again, Don Draper is women’s kryptonite so who knows? Maybe even the tough and savvy Joan will succumb to his Draper-female-seducer ways.

3. Megan not little Miss Perfect

That was Betty’s job: Being perfect. Megan is warm and naive and a breath of fresh air. She’s already proven she can even be a little daring in serenading Don, despite his discomfort. But this is a drama after all, so some major waves are in store for certain. Betty’s problem was she was an Ice Queen. What will Megan’s flaw be? She hints that she might be so “over” working at the office. What’s the fun in playing office politics if your hubby runs the place? Besides, the office workers are mean to her (or so she thinks). She wants to be Don’s wife and isn’t so sure about working as a wage slave, copywriter. Maybe the in-office requisite cleavage flash was enough to do her in? Maybe she wants to branch off on her own career at a rival agency? (Watch the sparks fly then!) Wouldn’t that be juicy! Episode three hints at Don meeting her parents, in particular — her father. Will Megan’s dad be just like Don or totally different? Maybe she’ll have royal blood and some French-Canadian royals in her family and this might make Don feel unworthy. Maybe she’ll become a singer. One thing is certain: It’s a new era and Don feels really old.

 4. The 1960s

Let’s keep the clothes fun and the hair sexy. Let’s not ever put Don Draper in a leisure suit. (Or the checkered monstrosity that Peter wore to Don’s surprise party.) The Civil Rights movement moments are sobering and important, Mad Men attempts to straddle the line between accurate and preachy and so far succeeds, keep at it.

 5. More Peggy and Joan

Maybe Joan and Roger run away together. They get quickie divorces in Reno and decide to travel around the world, sending back postcards from far-flung locales. Maybe Peggy takes time off to be a mom and re-connect with her son. It’s possible. The whiny, passive-aggressive office girl Peggy could grow tiresome quickly. Maybe Peggy makes a play for power, or maybe she nails some ad pitches again. She is Don’s protégée after all.

The characters in our little world of Mad Men are hurtling toward change on a global scale that the 1970s brings with its dawn of the Age of Aquarius but we’d like to enjoy them, as they were, for good and bad, before the world is turned upside down and it brings us closer to us. Right now, Mad Men is still a delicious escape. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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Photo: courtesy of AMC