Jenelle Evans’ boob job: Can you hear me now?

Jenelle Evans is planning to get a boob job. Find out what the Teen Mom 2 star predicts setting eyes on her new set of knockers will be like!

Jenelle Evans, Jace

Jenelle Evans has high hopes for her upcoming boob job. Despite friends pleading for the Teen Mom 2 star not to go through with breast augmentation surgery, the mother of Jace predicts having new tatas will be akin to a miracle.

“When I get new boobs, I’m going to cry — I will be so touched,” Jenelle Evans said during a recent interview. “It will be like a deaf person being able to hear for the first time…”

The troubled reality star, recently arrested twice within a week’s time, is reportedly planning to upgrade her chest size to “a C-cup.”

A funny turn of events from last year, when Jenelle Evans ripped fellow Teen Mom 2 star Farrah Abraham for having had a boob job, tweeting during a spat, “at least I don’t have some fake a** titties.”

OK! magazine reports Jenelle’s boyfriend Gary Head may be, at least in part, responsible for her desire for surgery. “Gary loves Farrah’s boobs,” the 20-year-old mom commented. “Mine are going to be better, though.”

An unnamed insider went on to comment of Jenelle Evans’ boob job plans, “Jenelle is tired of having small breasts. When she was pregnant they went up two cup sizes, but now they’ve shrunk back down to an A-cup, and she’s tired of having to wear padded bras all the time.

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“And it isn’t just the fact that they’re small that bothers her,” added the loose-lipped source. “Her pregnancy basically turned them droopy, and it makes her incredibly self-conscious.”

Back to the boyfriend issue, the source divulged, “Her boyfriend, Gary, says he doesn’t care, but Jenelle’s caught him checking out girls with big breasts, and her ex used to tease her a lot. When they broke up the last time, he said some horrible things about how he couldn’t wait to be with a girl that wasn’t flat as a board.”

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