Christie Brinkley breaks down over big meanie ex

On Tuesday, a few of The Today Show hosts chimed in on Christie Brinkley’s messy divorce from Peter Cook. Matt Lauer quickly found himself across from a weepy Brinkley while Kathie Lee Gifford offered a bit of wisdom taken from personal experience.

Kathie Lee Gifford on Christie Brinkley's breakdown.Christie Brinkley was a guest on The Today Show Tuesday morning. She chose to speak exclusively to Matt Lauer about her recent ex-husband drama with Peter Cook.

Need a background refresher? Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook divorced in 2008 amid news Cook had an affair with an 18-year-old and spent a lot of money on pornography. Two years later, their extremely public break-up continues to make headlines. Their latest stand-off stems from Peter Cook’s assertion that Christie Brinkley is a “narcissistic egomaniac.” The pair are also fighting over money. Each claim the other owes child support.

While Brinkley does have a job — she stars in Chicago as Roxie Hart in New York —  the former supermodel got personal with Lauer during her interview.

Matt: “What I keep thinking about is you’ve got kids together and these kids are no longer young kids, they are teenagers and they’re old enough to understand this and some people look at the parents and say, ‘The parents are acting more like teenagers than the teenagers are.'”

Matt trails off as Christie Brinkley attempts to interrupt him. She responds, clearly emotional.

Christie: “This is my first time on TV, okay? This is my first time, I want to stress that. I have never gone on a TV show. Peter went on Barbara Walters, he went on Geraldo Rivera… he went back on Geraldo Rivera.”

Matt: “But let me just reiterate this is about the children… Getting back to your kids. What impact is this having on your children?”

Christie: “He went on Good Morning America. So let’s ask him… how he can do that.”

Matt: “How can the two of you make this better. For the sake of the children? For the sake of your private life and for the sake of Peter’s private life. How can you make it better?”

Christie: “Well, what the experts say is that you need to have a no contact rule. And I put in my place, my lawyer, over two years ago. And I have not, I haven’t had any contact with him, but he continues to, to, you know contact me. And you know that’s the problem. And so I quietly asked the judge, ‘Please make this stop. Protect right my peace.’ I just want peace for my family.”

As she begins to cry, Brinkley quietly finishes her thought. “Sorry. But I just want peace.”

Her reaction to Matt’s question sparked a discussion between Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb in Today‘s afternoon segment.

Kathie Lee felt Brinkley handled the negative attention in the wrong manner. She told Hoda, “When it comes to the children, you give up certain rights when you are a parent… you postpone your pain for awhile and deal with the children because little people do not deserve big people problems. And what I wish she had done is say, ‘Listen, I’m not discussing my private life.'”

Gifford also doesn’t approve of Brinkley’s request for a no contact order. “No, she’s the adult. He’s the adult. They are going to have to find a way to fix it.”

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