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Must read: 150 Pounds by Kate Rockland

Kate Rockland handles the sensitive issue of weight and appearance head on with a delicate, yet, comedic hand. The author’s own personal journey brings a unique perspective to the characters, and her uplifting message will leave readers feeling inspired after they close this book.

150 Pounds

Alexis Allbright and Shoshana Weiner are both full time bloggers. They have an incredible fan base of over 5 million followers. Both are determined to find the success they know they deserve. But you can easily spot the difference in the ladies when you look at their blog names — Alexis of Skinny Chick and Shoshana of Fat and Fabulous. Their dramatically different lifestyles and views on women’s health have them at odds when they are invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The enemies are firm their way of living is correct — but when they both go through life changes, each woman has obstacles to overcome and achievements to make.

Alexis leads a structured life, filled with schedules, workouts and diet plans. Seemingly uptight and self-absorbed, readers will eventually come to understand how past life events helped sculpt Alexis into the person she has become. Shoshana puts on a front of loving her life, her body, herself. She has a supportive group of friends and families, but underneath the façade is a woman struggling with her own insecurities. As the heroines journey through their lives, they will realize they have more in common than meets the eye. This charming and relatable novel weaves the tale of two very different stories, and ends with Alexis and Shoshana both weighing 150 Pounds.

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