Madonna tries to be cool with drug reference, fails

Madonna is under fire for tossing out an obvious drug reference during a Florida concert. Did she mean what we think she meant? Read on to find out Deadmau5 had to say.


Madonna is so edgy and cool that she named her new album MDNA and is now tossing out drug references at concerts. Not everyone thinks it’s so awesome.

MDNA is a thinly-veiled nod to MDMA, the active ingredient in the party drug Ecstasy — and Madonna, an artist who barely drinks, let alone does drugs, is now tossing out the drug references live in person. Is it a sad attempt to be down with the lingo of kids these days?

When Madonna took the stage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival she shouted to the crowds, “Have you seen Molly?” which is code for “Have you taken Ecstasy?”

The seeming drug endorsement did not go unnoticed by Deadmau5, who was also performing at the festival — and he was not amused.

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“Very classy there madonna. ‘HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???’ such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra,” the DJ wrote on Facebook. “Quite the f’n philanthropist. but hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! f***ing cant smack my head hard enough right now.”

“Seriously, i giveth not a f***ing single F*** for slating on madonna for reaching an entirely NEW level of idiocy,” he continued. “I can appriciate her meteoric career, and all good deeds done, but WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT? That’s your big contribution to EDM? Thats your big message to ultra attendies? hipsterspeak for looking for drugs? f*** off you f***ing IDIOT. f***.”

Madonna took the criticism and offered an explanation with a bit of humor, Tweeting an old photo of herself wearing Micky Mouse ears. “From one mouse to another I don’t support drug use and i never have,” she wrote. “I was referring to the song called ‘Have You Seen Molly’ written by my friend Cedric Gervais who I almost worked with on my album.”

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An unlikely explanation at best, but Deadmau5 accepted it if only to put the controversy behind him.

“Fair enough, I was just voicing my concerns as I usually do,” he responded. “+1 respect for clearing it up personally… regardless, just be a little more aware of what you should represent at EDM events, and I’ll watch my mouth.”

Madonna, never one to let someone else have the last word, wrote back, “Communication is always best. You should have called me first, we could have cleared it up ‘privately.’ 😉 See you on the road.”

Tell us: Do you believe Madonna’s explanation?

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