Mad Men drops “Zou Bisou Bisou” on iTunes

Mad Men releases Jessica Pare’s breakout performance of “Zoo Be Zoo” (Zou Bisou Bisou) on iTunes as a single.

Jessica Pare

Jessica Pare (aka Megan Draper) is now a singer with her cover of a ’60’s classic French song Zou Bisou Bisou available today on iTunes.

For those who missed it — AMC provides a video clip of Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) “serenading” Don (Jon Hamm) at his ‘mock’ birthday party (Dick Whitman actually turned 40 six months ago). The moment appeared in last night’s season five two-hour episode premiere of AMC’s Mad Men. In the pre-karaoke world of 1966, apparently the only way to serenade your new husband was to perform with a live band in your smashing Manhattan pad.

Megan Draper almost lap-dances Don in front of party guests all while wearing cat woman eyeliner and a slinky black mini cocktail dress. Surprisingly, while Don seemed pleased on the surface, he also appeared suddenly uncomfortable (sharing?) the spotlight. Jessica Pare delivers the song to coy perfection. (Costume designer Janie Bryant discusses the vintage dress and the Mad Men cast’s 1960’s era wardrobe here.)

The song, a once-it-gets-in-your-head-impossible-to-get-out type, was originally performed in a rather “mod” video in 1962 by Gillian Hills, reports “Maddicts” (Mad Men addicts) can now get their fix of the era as Pare’s song is also available on vinyl.

Matt Weiner’s knack for immersing us in the era and being part of the pop culture zeitgeist has proven itself again as the song has already hit the net and the season’s just begun. What’s in store for the rest of the season? (Besides Matt Weiner’s possible world domination?) Who knows. Maybe Matt will build a real time machine so we can all sip cocktails in our pencil skirts, slightly bouffant hair and listen to vinyl while watching the birth of feminism in the office and Civil Rights in 1966 New York. Oh wait, we kind of already do that.

Either way, this might mark Jessica Pare’s start as a bona fide star.

Photo courtesy of AMC