Kate Gosselin’s tasty talk with Jon’s ex-girlfriend

Kate Gosselin and Hailey Glassman have more than one man with eight kids in common — the pair both have the munchies for kid food!

Kate Gosselin

Mark your calendars! Kate Gosselin is playing nice on Twitter — with one of Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend, no less! The oft-criticized mother of eight took a little time out of her day recently to help out one Ms. Hailey Glassman.

“Hey @kateplysmy8 can you share the recipe for the ‘Monkey Munch,'” Hailey Glassman tweeted to Kate Gosselin on Sunday. “It’s so yummy, my mom & I never seem to make it as tasty as you did.”

Fans of the defunct Jon & Kate Plus 8 may remember Hailey Glassman’s parents. Long before their youngster started hooking up with the father of eight, Glassman’s father generously performed Kate Gosselin’s tummy tuck surgery for free.

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Setting their past drama aside, Kate quickly replied, “@hAiLeYgLaSsMaN1 go to the chex website…It should be there..not my recipe but love it! Called ‘muddy buddies’ there! Enjoy! :).”

The helpful words and smiley face are a change of pace for Kate Gosselin, who appeared to be caught in a feisty Twitter battle with Jon Gosselin recently. After Kate was called “scum” and accused of “bashing” her ex-husband by Twitter users, the mother of eight nearly lost her cool but chose to respond by cryptically tweeting, “if u knew what I know, u’d b AMAZED at my restraint! I don’t say neg stuff [often], but wrong is wrong & It should not b rewarded!”

As for Jon, when a follower recently asked him if he misses Kate he responded, “hahahahaha, best joke of the night, r u kidding me, really?”

On Friday the happily-single father went on to tweet, “Awesome day today, looking forward to the weekend. Long and interesting week, ha ha. So fortunate to live a simple life now! Drama free.”

Wonder how he feels about his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend sharing baking tips?

Are you surprised by Kate Gosselin’s kind Twitter response to Jon’s ex?

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