How is Jennifer Lawrence’s low self-esteem taking all the fame?

Is Jennifer Lawrence ready for the fame that’s already following her wherever she goes? She reveals to Seacrest that her self-esteem is nowhere near HG ticket sales.

Jennifer Lawrence's low self-esteemKatniss Everdeen may be strong and brave for sacrificing herself as a Tribute and participating in The Hunger Games, but a new interview with Jennifer Lawrence has us thinking otherwise about the actress. While on a call with Ryan Seacrest via his KIIS FM morning radio show, her true perspectives on her highly anticipated movie, her acting abilities and herself altogether came out while live on the air.

“I was so relieved,” she said about seeing the final cut of the film. “I mean, I was obviously the worst part of it, in my opinion.”

Seacrest and show co-host Ellen K asked Lawrence if she was simply downplaying herself as a defense mechanism for surviving the dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood.

“I genuinely watch myself and hate everything,” she explained. “I hate how I always look, how I talk, what I say, how I act and everything about myself. It’s genuine! It’s real!”

Not to sound ungrateful, she later said in all honesty, “I’m sorry! No, I’m really excited, but I just have terrible self-esteem!”

Ryan warned that her confidence should skyrocket once the movie premieres this weekend and asked how she’s handling her newfound fame so far.

“I don’t actually feel it. I’m in complete denial about everything,” she confessed. “I’m still going about my life as if everything is totally normal. I’m just ignoring all of it. I’m excited and nervous, but mostly excited now.”

Though Seacrest noted her humility, Lawrence quickly corrected him: “I’m not humble, it’s just stupidity,” she laughed. “No, I swear it is!”

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