Kick it! Jeremy Sisto finally gives baby boy a name

Jeremy Sisto’s baby name picker leans far away from tried and true monikers. His daughter, Charlie-Ballerina, has a newborn brother named…

Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto did the honors of announcing his son’s name via Twitter on Wednesday, ending two weeks of curiosity over what the Suburgatory actor would dub baby boy Sisto. Having a big sister named Charlie-Ballerina is a tough act to follow!

“Little man finally told us his name: Bastian Kick Sisto,” Jeremy Sisto tweeted, announcing the name of his son, born March 9. Beastie Boys fans web-wide immediately shouted “Kick it!” in reply, and began fighting for the right for baby boy to par-tay!

Explaining how he and wife Addie Lane came up with their daughter’s unique name Jeremy Sisto shared, “My wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren’t normally names.”

No word on if the dictionary was involved in the choosing of Bastian Kick, but Jeremy Sisto did speak of the family’s struggle to choose a name for their son during an appearance on Live! with Kelly Wednesday.

“We got an extension at the hospital, but on Friday we do have to go down and put something in,” the 37-year-old said of the baby name pressure. “If we don’t have it by then, I think it’ll be ‘Baby Boy’. We’re going to be filing extensions for a while. If naming babies is anything like doing homework, then it’ll take [me] a while to name this kid.”

“My wife is stressing about it,” the Suburgatory star went on to say. “I’m hoping something magical happens — [something] that makes me think, ‘Of course this is supposed to be his name.'”

Are you a fan of Jeremy Sisto’s baby name pick?

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