Julia Roberts talks “terrorizing” Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror

Though she usually plays America’s Sweetheart, Julia Roberts says she “quite enjoyed” trying her hand at a more sinister role in Mirror Mirror.

While their on-screen personas literally want to kill each other, Julia Roberts and Lily Collins were two peas in a pod when we caught up with them recently to chat about their Snow White adaption: Mirror Mirror.

“It was a complete privilege,” Collins gushed about working with the talented Roberts. “It was an amazing learning experience just by witnessing everything, on and off set. It was the best school possible.”

Lily Collins at premiere of Mirror, Mirror with costar Julia Roberts

One to watch? Lily Collins shows star power in Dolce & Gabbana at the Mirror Mirror premiere.

What Collins was most impressed by though was not Roberts’ acting skills, but her amazing commitment to motherhood.

“[She does] cook every meal for her kids, and first and foremost is a mother,” Collins told SheKnows. “I don’t know how she gets it all in, but she does.”

Roberts took the compliment in stride, telling us, “It’s certainly not any more difficult for me than any other mother with three little kids running around.”

So what did Julia’s brood think of mommy playing an evil queen?

“I don’t know if they want to see their mom terrorize Lily, who they love,” Julia told us. “I did show them the Disney version, they were so terrified. They were so scared of the hag and everything.”

It seems sharing her experience will have to wait. Still, Roberts told us she had a blast taking on the wicked role.

“It was fun to say whatever awful thing popped into my head,” smiled Roberts. “It was like my little dream come true.”

And Lily apparently wasn’t scarred by the comments.

The 23-year-old seemed in awe of the seasoned actress. When the two both chose Jasmine as their favorite Disney princess, Collins was thrilled.

“I didn’t know that about you!” she exclaimed, to Roberts. “I grew up knowing all the words to Aladdin, all of the songs, everything.”

Are you guys thinking what we’re thinking? Well, that depends if Roberts can pull off Jafar’s handlebar mustache!

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