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Mirror Mirror’s Armie Hammer: Hollywood’s Prince Charming

SheKnows sits down with the charming Armie Hammer to discuss his on-screen role as Prince Alcott in Mirror Mirror, and how he is quickly becoming Hollywood royalty off-screen.

With his deep voice, chiseled chest and gorgeous blond locks, it’s no wonder Armie Hammer was chosen to play the classic role of Prince Charming in Mirror Mirror.

However, many elements of the Snow White fairytale were changed in this version, starting with Hammer’s portrayal of the dashing Prince Alcott.

This time around the Prince actually gets a little action with the Evil Queen, which plays out as a tongue bath for Julia Roberts.

“I licked her face,” Armie laughed to SheKnows. “It tasted a little bit like Bisquick. Basked biscuits, warm and delicious. It’s a great way to smash the ice.”

When you’re a rising star like Hammer, paired with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, licking is one way to go!

“When you meet someone like Julia, you have so much more about them then they have about you built up in your head,” said Hammer.”[You have] memories from the time you went to see America’s Sweetheart or Mystic Pizza. So you know exactly who this person is, and they have no idea who you are.”

It seems like the two hit it off quickly after the tongues came out though. But Hammer is no stranger to on-screen lip-locks with A-listers.

“The last time I played a romantic interest it was to a dude, so this time it’s a little different,” Hammer said, reminiscing on his role opposite Leonardo Dicaprio in J. Edgar.

Hammer joked that his wooing worked so well that he still receives love letters from Leo.

“He is very committed to the role,” laughed Hammer.

But with all the recognition he’s receiving, Hammer is still humble. When asked what it’s like to be a Hollywood heartthrob, Hammer told us, “Don’t know. You’d probably have to ask Ryan Gosling.”

Oh, we plan on it… but he’ll probably just defer back to you, Armie!

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