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Elizabeth Banks’ Hunger Games costumes were “torture

Though Elizabeth Banks loves the Effie-inspired outfits she wears on the red carpet, her custom costumes in The Hunger Games were anything but comfortable.

Elizabeth Banks' painful costumes

While being pushed to their physical limits, the cast of The Hunger Games also had to wear costumes that were anything but comfortable.

“They are all torture,” said Elizabeth Banks to People. Banks probably had a harder time in particular because her character, Effie Trinket, is constantly decorated in avant-garde fashion, colorful hair and over-the-top makeup. Even more so, the actress also helped design the outfits alongside head costume designer Judianna Makovsky.

“Everything was made for me,” Banks said. “We’ve worked together before, and she just really knew my body and knew how to hang clothes on it.”

Though the looks were painful, Banks still found herself inspired by her onscreen alter ego.

My favorite costume is when we’re watching the result show, and I’m in the big green [dress with] poufy sleeves,” she said. “I love that outfit; it was the most comfortable.”

She’s even asked if she could “borrow” a few favorite pieces from Effie’s closet! “I’ve asked for some shoes now that the movie’s wrapped, but we’ll see what I get when we go back to set.”

Banks has taken notes from her character’s fashion taste and is happily applying it herself. “In all my press I’ve been wearing a lot of color and really loving color,” she explained. “In my real life, if I’m being honest, I still wear way more black than I should.”

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