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Must-read: The Underside of Joy by Seré Prince Halverson

Seré Prince Halverson’s debut novel is a poignant tale that explores the complex journey of marriage, parenthood and death — leaving readers breathlessly flipping pages until the end.

The Underside of Joy

Ella Beene finds her happiness living in the northern California river town of Elbow with her husband, Joe, and his two young children. Ella loves Annie and Zach like they are her own — and since their biological mother, Paige, abandoned them years prior — Ella has been happy to step into the motherhood role. But when a terrible accident claims Joe’s life, Ella suddenly finds herself in a twisted reality. Her husband is dead, she has to raise two children on her own, and Paige has suddenly appeared back in their lives, demanding involvement with her kids.

Ella will realize what the meaning of motherhood is really about when she is forced to make difficult decisions regarding her stepchildren. She didn’t know that when her husband drowned, the secrets he took to the grave would soon be brought into the open. The intimate family drama that is created throughout the pages will leave readers feeling moved and remembering this story long after they close the final pages. Seré Prince Halverson is a new fiction voice to watch.

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