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The Hunger Games: Fan fever reaches new heights

Anticipation for The Hunger Games movie is at a fever pitch! With just days to go until Katniss, Peeta and Gale debut on the big screen, we take a look at fan fever by the numbers.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games‘ fans are chomping at the bit, counting down every second until the film’s release this Friday. Just who are these crazed Katniss, Gale and Peeta groupies? Social media gives a peek into just how many are out there, and what riles them up the most!

From The Hunger Games Facebook fan page:

  • 61% of fans surveyed say they plan to watch the movie “more than twice”
  • 79% say they plan to watch the movie with friends
  • 67% are on “Team Peeta” (as opposed to “Team Gale”)
  • Mentions for Suzanne Collins are up 240% in the last month

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The Hunger Games trailer debut sparks Facebook conversation:

The Hunger Games premiere creates a second surge:

  • Mentions for Katniss spiked over 8x
  • Mentions for The Hunger Games jumped another 60%
  • Mentions for Jennifer Lawrence jumped another 2.7x
  • Mentions for Peeta jumped over 3x

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All around it appears that The Hunger Games fever is on the rise, but how does talk of the series’ first film compare to an established franchise such as Twilight? Below, a side-by-side comparison of the two young adult films’ Twitter accounts over the last month:

The Hunger Gams vs. Twilight

Looks like even though The Hunger Games‘ fans are picking up pace, they aren’t quite ready to eclipse the size of their counterparts — though to be fair, Twilight has had a nearly four-year head start and has already put out an equal number of box office giants.

By the time Mockingjay hits theaters (movie studios and Suzanne Collins willing), will Twilight fans be outnumbered by The Hunger Games‘ faithful?

Image courtesy of Lionsgate, infographic created by SheKnows using

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