The Vampire Diaries: Let's take a moment to drool at the men

Mar 20, 2012 at 12:17 p.m. ET

Since The Vampire Diaries is back, let's resume the onscreen adoration. We rounded up the men and found out why they're also stealing our hearts in real life!

Ian Somerhalder

Hello, Ian Somerhalder!

Hello, Damon Salvatore! Though we adore him as a vampire brother, we fell in love back when he was still on Lost -- probably because he looks like a younger version of Rob Lowe. We can see why his first modeling job was with the prestigious fashion brand, Ralph Lauren. Do we need another reason to drool? Ian Somerhalder describes himself as a clean freak and has confessed to taking up to three showers a day. That's a water bill worth paying.

Paul Wesley

Hello, Paul Wesley!

Though you play Damon's younger brother, Stefan, he is not inherently inferior. We thought he was gorgeous in the cult film favorite, Roll Bounce, and we're excited to see him evolve into the writer and director he wants to become someday. His favorite Vampire Diaries scene is the moment just before Stefan and Elena make love for the first time (aww, how sentimental), and his real name is actually Paul Wasilewski!

Steven R. McQueen

Hello, Steven McQueen!

Jeremy Gilbert may be a troubled teen who dabbled with danger after losing his parents, but Steven R. McQueen is just a cute comic book fan who was making our heads turn already with roles in Everwood and Piranha 3-D. Oh, and he loves the HBO series, Dexter. We would gladly sit through entire episodes of a that much bloodier show if you asked us to!

Zach Roerig

Hello, Zach Roerig!

We love how Zach Roerig's character, Matt Donovan, is always trying to simply do the right thing, and that he's the All-American boy formerly of Friday Night Lights. And it seems like he's that way in real life too: Snowboarder, drummer, high school football player… and prom king, of course!

Michael Trevino

Hello, Michael Trevino!

Watch out, ladies: Michael Trevino, who plays our favorite werewolf Tyler Lockwood, would've been a lawyer if he didn't become an actor. Actually, law is his third career path -- as a kid, Michael wanted to work at SeaWorld! And can we please bring you along for our next karaoke outing? His favorite guilty pleasure song is "White Wedding" by Billy Idol -- complete with hand motions!

Matt Davis

Hello, Matt Davis!

We're so happy that vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman has generally become more friend than foe to the Salvatore brothers, because there's no way we'd be able to desert Matt Davis (even for the Salvatore boys). We couldn't even hate him when he broke Reese Witherspoon's heart and manipulated his way into law school in Legally Blonde as Warner Huntington III! Fun fact: Davis was a pizza delivery boy before he became an actor -- order up, please!

Joseph Morgan

Hello, Joseph Morgan!

Playing the role of Original and almighty Klaus, Joseph Morgan has collected credits in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and Alexander. Despite his impressive resume, we think we'd all get along well: He loves Stephen King and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and he hates spiders! And of course, his favorite movie is Interview with a Vampire. We'll re-watch that over and over again with you.

Daniel Gillies

Hello, Daniel Gillies!

Hello, Elijah! Now the vampire we're supposed to hate but love to love, Daniel Gillies caught our eye back when he was in Spider-Man 2! But he's not only an amazing actor and some serious eye candy -- he started his own production company, Holy Monster, and also wrote and directed his first independent film Broken Kingdom. Even more so, his wife Rachael Leigh Cook was his fellow co-star!

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Which man of The Vampire Diaries is your favorite? Weigh in below!

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