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Kate Middleton steps up to the microphone!

Kate Middleton just gave her first speech since joining the royal family last year. How did she do when delivering the oration she wrote herself?

Kate Middleton's first speech a successEarlier this month, we shared that Kate Middleton would soon be making her public speaking debut as a royal. Well, the day has finally arrived for the Duchess of Cambridge to officially open the East Anglia Children’s Hospice at the Treehouse in Ipswich, just outside London — how did she do?

According to People, Kate was given a warm welcome before she even stepped up to the microphone, as she was greeted upon arrival by about 600 cheering attendees. She wore an electric blue Reiss belted dress and black heels.

“I am only sorry that William can’t be here today. He would love it here,” she said. “A view of his — that I share — is that through teamwork, so much can be achieved. What you have all achieved is extraordinary.”

In preparation for this speaking engagement, the Duchess opted to write the speech herself.

She said that when she first visited the charity’s hospice in Milton, Cambridgeshire, she initially had “[A] pre-conceived idea as to what to expect. Far from being a clinical depressing place for sick children, it was a home. Most importantly, it was a family home, a happy place of stability, support and care. It was a place of fun.”

Upon finishing her speech, Kate helped plant a tree and confessed to one guest in relief, “I find doing speeches nerve-racking.”

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